Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Stared through the window,
While hoping there’s a glimpsed of heavenward lights.

Through endless time and space passed by,
The vision hallucinates confusing the brain,
Losing all the axis.

I was alone in the dark of the universe,
Then, I looked up.
I saw a lot of strings attached to every inch of my body,
And it moved by itself.

Forcing me to walked towards the darkness,
And I thought, this could be the chance to get out of the misery.

Heavy burden upon my head,
All my muscle stressed out,
Too tired to thinks, too tired to define.

My eyes shut.

A stink odor went caught in my breath,
Make me felt like choke to death,
And all of sudden,
I hear voices all around me,
I’ll tried to open my eyes,
But the light are so dense and bright,
Nullify my vision to capture surround me.

Then, I heard a strong voice,
going right through my auditory canal boldly,
He said  “Get up! You are fuck up.