Monday, July 27, 2009

the vampire - 1858

I found a corpse,
with glittering hair,
of a woman whose face,
tho' dead,
the white death in it had left still fair,
too fair for an earthly bed!.

So i loosened each each fold of her bright rolled from forehead to foot in a rush of red gold,
and kissed her lips till her lips were red,
and warm and light on her eyelids white.

I breath'd, and pressed unto mine her breast,
till the brown eyes opened and the breast grew warm,
and this woman, behold arose up bold,
and lifelike lifting a willful arm,
with steady feet from the winding sheet,
stepped forth to a muttered charm.

And now beside me, whatever betide me,
this woman is, night and day,
for she cleaves to me so, wherever i go,
she is with me whole of the way,
and her eyes are so bright in the dead of the night,
that they keep me awake with dread;
while my life blood pales in my vein and fails,
because her red lips are so red,
that i fear this my heart she must eat for her food;
and it makes my whole flesh creep,
to think she is drinking and draining my blood,
unawares, if i have a chance to sleep.

It were better for me, ere i came nigh her,

This corpse, -ere i looked upon her, -had they burnt my body with penal fire
with a sorcerer's dishonor.

For when the devil has made his lair,
in the living eyes of the dear dead women,
(to bind a men's strength by her golden hair, and break his heart, if his heart be human)
is there any penance, or any prayer,
that may save the sinner whose soul his tries to catch in the curse of the constant stare,
of those heartbreaking bewildering eyes,

Comfort less, cavernous glowworms that glare from the gaping grave where a dead hope lies?
it is more than soul of a man may bear.

For the misery worst of all miseries,
is desire eternally feeding despair,
on the flesh, or the blood, that forever supplies life more than enough to keep fresh in repair the death ever dying,
which yet never dies.

lord lytton

Friday, July 24, 2009

hailed the naysayers

As the time passed on so quickly, forgetting our path of ignorant. Siding the world as the front of our lives. Which the truth facts hidden, covered by mischief doing of living.

"Is it all of the people doesnt realized the pros and cons in our choices of living-out soar without embrace and fond it with religion?"

Well I am not such as religionists, im just an ordinary human-being helpless to survived this outcoming of choices. It is been for about 8 months from my devastated of choices tat ive been made for myself. i am trying to strife the outcome. And i realized, how is religion so correlates with the lives tats i've been doing around. Some might said it as "karma", and of course its not just an ordinary karma.

God(Allah) are actually asked me to embrace and survived. For not taking thing for granted. Everything is there and the life actually non-matter to rely and to uphold the greatness of it. All and all are only depending on HIM(Allah s.w.t).

He is the creator, He is the almighty. And now, i embraced the every second of my life with Him as the upmost creator, and quran as the guide of my misguided lives.

To all the naysayer out there. i dun give a dime about you and your sorry lives with flashing all the achievement of wat so ever uve been rely on. And i do know exactly wat hv to been done with. And of course, i am not asking a favor from u. To me, u just a little cretin askin to crawled out from ur own miserable life. And it aint me, i am down with. thanks naysayers!

Monday, July 6, 2009

bahasa kemaafan

akhirnya habis sudah ku menelaah buku dari gary chapman & jeniffer thomas, well to those thing in that book just a common sense for sapiens like us, :

expressing regrets ( menunjukkan kekesalan )

accepting responsibility ( memikul tangungjawab dengan jujur )

making restitution ( membaikpulihkan keadaan )

genuinely repenting ( sesalan yang jujur ke arah kebaikan )

requesting forgiveness ( memohon kemaafan)

sejujurnye, sememangnye ini adalah prinsipal yang indah untuk kita melihat adakah kita benar2 menghampiri kemaafan itu atau cuma sekadar adaptasinya saja. i did once, to myself. apologizing the hell out of me. kalau diri sendiri pun agak sukar utk aku maafkan apatah lagi orang lain memaafkan kita. egois, hahaha dun make me laugh! u wont find a space ahead u to repent later. kalau egois kuasai diri. ok biarkan aje, sememangnye manusia suka menanahkan diri mereka dengan kesilapan mereka sendiri. tak kisah lah siapa diorang tu sebenarnye.
A lot of sense hover me above, ada yang kadang-kadang gelihati melihat manusia yang hina ini mengangkat diri mereka ke awang-awagan, siapa tak suka? aku suka. kau mesti lagi sukakan. hahahah well the only thing for us to earn the forgiveness is actually forgive urself first then seek to forgive others, sememangnye forgiving itu its ultimate, the holy thing, the DIVINE, but yet to let people accepting the apology, is much important.
u think i care for other people...i care actually but not so hoping them, just to acknowledge their restitution of friendship thats all. im sorry, forgive me Allah. ~Amin ya rabal al'lamin~

Thursday, July 2, 2009

the breed of mother of all fuck!

A serious matter for us to discuss, its very childish for none-brain to talked about it, but it is indeed deep throat sucking the life out of it. all of us cry and laugh when the name flew side of the ear that god created for listen. and the mouth talking, bragging, and nagging like the world could be end sooner.
love...nothing is near tangling with those magical word. but this! is serious. still cant see what actually playing around us? u cant feel anything disturbing ur sorry ass. cant do? anything? sad..totally sad, because i am the victim. a no one, a nothing like me patronizing the trouble that could blew our minister headoff. FUCKOFF. get away from me. fucking morron.the subtype of influenzavirus A and the most common cause of influenza in condemend me. FUCK OFF i said it.FUCK OFF