Sunday, November 15, 2009

silence note

gruesome in cognition...
dead, damn .............
rags, swags,............
to hell ................

Sunday, November 1, 2009

its been awhile since i haven't written any of my blog's, well today my finger starting to dance on the keyboard while my heart hurting while depressing the mindset of mine at 3:14 am . Haven't u guys feel neglected, away, casting, far ... so far until none feel the absence of your soul. This is really annoying, felt like been raped by a douche straight up in your anus, bleeding, disoriented and all of sudden lonely.

Most of the human resided just one place and make it domicile, marking their own journey of being successful. But what about the opposite, the human that having a nomad life transferring from one to another place, searching....seeking a proof of being a BEING on this planet that we called it "earth". It is devastating, hampering with load of burden, failure and depleted source of being successful.

word and action can lie...but feeling are totally sucking the life out it. Drained up all the joy and happiness. Making your life empty from being whole. Regrets...not a conclusion, wanted to stand up and try to soar fairy tales maybe. In real life, most of us avoiding the truth, purging the fact that we are actually being a decomposer... returning to constituents of any type of substances.

i feel decompose, day by day the skins faded and gone, rotting little by little...until the process complete. And by that time, no one ever noticed that you are actually once existed among them.....and the time are actually segregate the bond and the existence of us being once walking together.

zulhadry zolkafli

Monday, October 19, 2009

its me and you

I look upon her face lying on my pillow
Lit by the light of my bedroom window
Wrapped within my gently arms
Knowing she will come to no harm

I look upon her hair, soft and fair
Unable to find the words to compare
Answers she has given me in times of pain
That love and hope will visit again

I look upon her lips, moist and red
Giving me life when all was dead
She restored my heart when it was lost
Melting what was covered in frost

I look upon her breasts, firm and strong
Knowing that love could not be wrong
Slowly moving with every breath
Always knowing she was not like the rest

I look upon her hips, round and smooth
Gently touching not daring to move
I fix the sheets with delicate care
But a gentle kiss is all I dare

I look upon her face staring into mine
Filling my body as if it were wine
I close her eyes with gentle kisses
For she has answered all my wishes.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

biar ku kisahkan

heningnya pagi,
hariku bersuram,
tanpamu hadir dalam hidupku,
kisahku jadi..dari hasil kamu,
cinta yang tak pernah luntur darimu,
kau pergi...pergi tinggalkanku,
kau hilang dari fanaku,
kau pergi...pergi tinggalkanku,
biarku tertunduk sayu,
hilang mu, hilang hatiku,
hilang mu, hilang cintaku.

merah tanah mu,harumnya kamu,
terasa masih lagi ku berpaut pada tanganmu,
ku gengami kaku dirimu, melihat insan yang DIA maha cinta.
sunyi hidup, aidilfitriku, dan agammu,
masih merah wangmu waktu dulu untuk memahami hidupku.
ku gengam masih lagi kehari ini.

selamat hari raya aidilfitri, madame....7 tahun tanpamu...masih seperti semalam kau pergi.


Monday, August 10, 2009

senja fata morgana ( morgan le fay)

didatangi kabus petang,
dihirup rasa segar dan melodramatiknya bersulam rasa cinta,
cinta yang agung terhadap Illahi,
tak sama seperti realiti, ianya halus dan nyaman.

dihiasi lelangit dengan "lepas terang"(afterglow),
meyelinap sesuatu yang yang luar dari sphera,
ianya hasil dari syurga, kerja Allah, seninya halus,
membolosi ruangan iman yang kosong ini.

terdengar pula laungan mengagungi kebesaran ilahi,
terindahnya lukisan kerohanian, membuai jiwa malangku,
tersisir diruangan kosong,
bergema didalam dan luar batinku,

taksubnya keindahan dunia ini,
terlihat optikal fenomena mistik ini,
tiada didefinisikan, masih belum ada yang boleh berbual tentangnya,
hanya dengan theory sahaja masih lagi tiada fakta yang berdiri kukuh,
biasan cahaya terhadap sesuatu atmosfera boleh berlaku,
terlalu banyak termalogi untuknya bagiku ianya senja fata morgana indahku,
untuk kuburkan kekusutan, untuk ku untuk mu,
sub'hanAllah indahnya kau.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Muslim's Holocausts and Genocide Remembrance Day By Syed Soharwardy, Muslims Against Terrorism (M.A.T.)

In the history of mankind it never happened before that so many human beings suffered and continuously struggled to survive for more than a century without any help from outside. In the past, whenever a calamity came upon a certain community either they were completely wiped out from the face of this earth or someone from outside came and helped them in getting out of calamity or they themselves struggled so hard that they defeated the cause of calamities, hence ending the period of calamity. Moreover, it never happened that at one time so many communities remained under calamities for such a long period. Please look around and see what is going on in this world? Muslims in various parts of the world have been under siege and there seems to be no way out for them. But the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said that all Muslims like a body. If a part of the body suffers the entire body suffers. I am sure what Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) have said can not be wrong but there is a possibility that we may not be that kind of Muslims which Prophet (Peace be upon him) meant in this Hadith.
The Holocausts and Genocide of Muslims have taken place in the past and recently. But it seems that the people in the western world do not know enough about them and there is a need to create awareness about it. As the Muslims in the western world are still struggling to make their place in the society, it is critical that our Christian friends know these facts and understand the situation of Muslim Ummah. After the World War II the Jewish community was so successful in making the Christians believe that the Christians have victimized them. They have made Christians so guilty conscious that the majority of Christians not only sympathize with the Jewish community but they feel obligated to pay back the Jewish community whatever they can by supporting every action of Jewish community.

Muslims do not need to make anybody guilty of conscious. We just need to communicate with our Christian friends in their language and terminology. I am sure they will understand but Muslims have to take the first step. We want to make sure that the people must recognize and believe in the other Holocausts and genocide as well as the World War II Holocaust. Let's review few Holocausts and Genocide of Muslims around the world.

Palestine: The Muslim community of Palestine has been struggling for their survival and freedom for almost a century. The Palestinian community was struggling for their homeland long before the creation of Israel. They were expecting to have their homeland when the British leave the area but when British left the area they created Israel not Palestine. After the creation of Israel, the Jewish people of Israel not only captured the homes and lands of poor Palestinians but they also denied them the right of existence in their own homeland. Since 1948 the calamities for the Palestinian people have increased instead of decreasing. Presently, what Israeli forces are doing to Palestinians is worse than the Holocaust of the World War II. There is no doubt in my mind that the Jewish community suffered a lot during world war II from the hands of Nazis and almost six million Jews were killed in that Holocaust. However, all these calamities ended on the Jewish people when the allied forces got victory. The Jewish community was liberated with the help from USA and allied forces. On the other side, the Palestinians have been struggling on their own against a power (Israel + USA + worldwide Jewish and allied communities) which is 100 times more resourceful than the Palestinians. Palestinians have no support from their own Arab brothers. Palestinians have no support from the Muslims of the world. Whatever Palestinians get from the Arab and Muslim world is no more than a lip service. Apparently, we do not see any end to these calamities on the Palestinians in the near future. So far, more than over a million Palestinians have been killed, millions of them have made refugees, and millions of them are in the concentration camps. The Israeli forces have converted Palestinian homes and areas into concentration camps.
Chechnya: The Muslim community of Chechnya has been struggling for their survival and freedom for almost a century. During early 1900s the Russian forces illegally occupied Chechan land and later Russian government annexed it and made it part of Russia against the will of Chechans. The severity of Russian oppression on Chechnya is so grave that the Russian government looted all the resources of Chechnya such as oil, coal and other minerals and built the European part of Russia while denied the Chechan Muslims any part of their own wealth. Chechnya is one of the least developed areas of Russian Federation. After the collapse of Soviet Union Chechnya announced its independence from Russia. Since then, the Russian forces have carried out the Genocide and Holocaust of Chechan Muslims. Thousands of Muslims have been killed. Buildings have been destroyed. The entire infrastructure of Chechnya has been collapsed. Women have been publicly raped. Their brothers, fathers and husbands have been mutilated in front of them. Just like Palestinians Chechans got no help from the governments of Muslim countries except the lip service. The western governments are the most hypocrites. On one side they want to resolve the Chechnya issue peacefully but on the other side they are providing all the support and the resources to Russian Military to crush the Chechan Muslims.
Kashmir: The Muslims of Kashmir have been struggling for their freedom for the last two centuries. For the first 145 years they fought the war against the British rule along with the people of India. Finally, when the people of India succeeded in getting independence from Britain in 1947, the Kashmiri Muslims thought that they would also be independent from the rule of non-Muslims. When the British left India, the country was divided into countries. The Muslim majority areas of India became independent country called Pakistan and the remaining Hindu dominated areas became a separate country called India. According to the agreed upon formula of division Muslim dominated areas should have joined Pakistan but the departing British rulers divided the border in such a way that it became very easy for India to annex this beautiful and full of resources land of Muslims into India. After the independence, Pakistan fought a war in early fifties and captured some of the area of Kashmir. But this did not help in reducing the miseries of the Muslims of Kashmir. For the past 55 years India is systematically changing the demographics of Kashmir. Thousands of Muslims have been killed. The Indian forces have carried out the Genocide of Muslims in Kashmir openly and deliberately. There is no house in Indian held Kashmir where at least one or more family members have not been killed by the Indian army. Every Muslim home is under a siege. Women's have been raped. Children have been kidnapped or killed. Muslims are forced to leave Kashmir. For every Muslim house in Kashmir there are three Indian soldiers. Again, Kashmiri Muslims have no help from any Muslim government. They are fighting against an enemy who is 100 times more resourceful and powerful. The west has completely closed its eyes on Kashmir. The Genocide continues in Kashmir and apparently no one cares.
Bosnia and Kossovo: The conflict in Bosnia Herzgovina and Kossovo is fresh in our memories. The largest Holocaust and Genocide in the recent history of Europe after the Holocaust of Word War II was created against the Muslims of Bosnia and Kossovo. More than half million Muslims were killed, Almost all the adult male population of Bosnia and Kossovo was sent into concentration camps. Women and children were not only tortured and raped but they were forced to kill their own relatives with their own hands. Millions of Muslims were made refugees to take shelter around the world. This genocide and Holocaust took place while the European and America forces were there. They saw it, and pretended, as they were helpless. The United Nations forces, which included Europeans and Americans, supposed to protect the safe heavens for Bosnian Muslims but they failed and thousands of Muslims were slaughtered in front of them. Imagine a hypothetical situation, if instead of Bosnian Muslims few hundred American would have been slaughtered by the Serbs, would the UN forces just had watched it helplessly like they watched the slaughter of Bosnian Muslims? Off course, not. The Holocaust of Bosnian and Kossovar Muslims was carried out by a conspiracy of eliminating Muslims from Europe. That conspiracy failed. Otherwise, the plan was to remove any chances of a Muslim state in Europe.

The situation in Bosnia Herzgovina, Kossovo and Macedonia has been temporarily settled. This is all artificial, because the problem has not been resolved permanently. The conditions under which Muslims are living are not very much different from the conditions that started the conflict in first place. Bosnia Herzegovina is still divided on the ethnic lines. There are pockets of each community and they do not talk to each other. Any small incident can flare up the old wounds and situation will go back to mid 1990s situation. In Kossovo and Macedonia the situation is similar. Both Kossovo and Macedonia are divided on ethnic lines. Forcing the people to live together while they do not want to live together will not solve the problem permanently. To solve the problem permanently Kossovo must get its freedom and Macedonia should be divided into autonomous regions.
Muslim States in Russian Federation: The history of Muslims in the present Russian Federation goes back to several centuries. But during the past two centuries the Russian forces have occupied most of the Muslim states, which used to surround Russia. Even after the fall of Soviet Union, there are still many Muslim states, which have been illegally annexed into Russia. Chechnya is one of them. Ingushetia, Kergyzia, Ossetia, Turkamania and many other states in Siberia are all Muslim states which have been annexed into Russian Federation against the will of the people of these lands. If a fair and open referendum is held today and people given a chance to vote without any fear of persecution, many Muslim states will choose to breakout from the Russian Federation. The reason is very clear. Since the annexation of these Muslim States into Russia, the Russian governments have been using and exporting the resources of these Muslim states to develop and flourish the regions around Moscow and leaving these areas undeveloped and backward. The Muslims of these states and regions do not even have access to basic human needs such as education, drinking water, transportation, health care, etc.?The Muslim population of these states has any power. The puppets in the parliament represent them. Since Muslims of these states do not have access to education, therefore, they are not well educated which creates a huge vacuum for the leadership of these Muslims. The standard of living of these poor Muslims is worse while their regions are the wealthiest in Russian Federation for their natural and mineral resources.
Muslims in China: There are more than 50 million Muslims live in China. The ancient record of the Tang Dynasty describes a landmark visit to China by Saad ibn Abi Waqqas (May Allah be pleased with him), one of the companions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in 650 A.D. The Chinese emperor Yung-Wei respected the teachings of Islam and considered it to be compatible with the teachings of Confucius. To show his admiration for Islam, the emperor approved the establishment of China's first mosque at Ch'ang-an. That mosque still stands today after fourteen centuries.

Anti-Muslim sentiments took root in China during the Ch'ing Dynasty (1644 - 1911 A.D.), which was established by Manchus who were a minority in China. Muslims in China number more than 50 million, according to unofficial counts. They represent ten distinct ethnic groups. The largest are the Chinese Hui, who comprise over half of China's Muslim population. The largest of Turkic groups are the Uygurs who are most populous in the province of Xinjiang, where they were once an overwhelming majority. This overwhelming majority of Muslims has slowly been reduced but still Muslims are in majority.

The reduction in Muslim population has been drastic during the communist regime of China. So far all the communist governments have seen Muslims as threat and they have killed more than half million Muslims during the communist party rule. The ethnic cleansing of Muslims is continuously going on in China for the last fifty years. Muslims can not worship openly. The areas of Muslim majority have been kept undeveloped and when a Muslim wants to improve his / her standard of living he /she has no choice but to leave the area. When he / she arrives in the developed areas of China they are no more allowed to practice their religion openly.

Today, the entire western world cries for the hard time faced by the followers of Falun Gong movement but no one cries on the genocide of Chinese Muslims. Whenever, the Western governments talk about the human rights issues in China they always mention Falun Gong and Christians. At least, I have never heard any western leader mentioning the Muslims of China. The most unfortunate situation with the Chinese Muslims is that the Muslim countries themselves do not want to talk about them because of the good relations between Chinese government and the Muslims countries. At least the other oppressed Muslims get little lip service from Muslim governments and Chinese Muslims do not even get that.

a.. Cambodian Muslims: When the civil war in Cambodia took place during Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge regime, millions of Cambodians were sentenced to death. Among those millions of Cambodians, thousands of Muslims were also murdered. Mosques and Islamic schools were destroyed. Many Islamic institutions were closed. Muslims were forced to step on the Holy Qur'an and eat pig which is against their religious beliefs. The genocide of Cambodian Muslims was not even considered worth mentioning in the media including media in the Muslim world. There are many other countries where Muslims are not allowed to identify themselves as Muslims and practice their religion with freedom. If they try to practice their religion, they become victims of hatred and oppression or face genocide. The oppression of Muslims by the Muslims is also on the rise. Muslims are not allowed to practice Islam in many Muslim countries such as Turkey, Algeria, Tajikistan, Uzbukistan, Qazakistan, Azerbaijan, etc. In many Muslim countries Muslims are not allowed to democratically elect their own government. Most of the Muslim governments are secular and are symbol of oppression.

What we want to do?

Realizing the value and importance of creating awareness about the Holocausts and Genocide of Muslims, the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada (ISCC) requests all the Muslim organizations and communities to organize and coordinate the following activities.

The Muslims in all non-Muslim countries especially in North America and Europe should annually organize the "Muslim's Holocausts and Genocide Remembrance Day". Since various holocausts and genocide of Muslims took place around the world on various dates and we want to organize the Remembrance Day for all Muslim victims of Holocausts and genocide on one day, therefore, I would suggest to mark " Muslim's Holocausts and Genocide Remembrance Day" on the U.S. Memorial Day which falls in May. But I am open for suggestions.

ISCC is planning to organize exhibitions in all major cities of North America with the help from the local Muslim organizations to create awareness about the Holocausts and genocide of Muslims. In order to develop paintings and pictures for these mostly graphic exhibitions we need help from all Muslim brothers and sisters. Please send us any picture, photo, painting, newspaper clips which expresses the Muslim victims of Holocausts and genocide in;

a.. Palestine
b.. Kashmir
c.. Bosnia
d.. Kossovo
e.. Philippines
f.. Cambodia
g.. India
h.. Russian Federation
i.. China
j.. Others..

.. Any other help, advise and du'a will be highly appreciated.

Almighty Allah has said in the Glorious Qur'an, " For that cause We decreed for the Children of Israel that whosoever killeth a human being for other than manslaughter or corruption in the earth, it shall be as if be had killed all mankind, and whoso saveth the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind. Our messengers came unto them of old with clear proofs (of Allah's sovereignty), but afterwards lo! many of them became prodigals in the earth" (Chapter 5, verse 32)

Thanks and May Allah reward you with the best of the both worlds. I am looking forward for your feedback and suggestions.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

rahsia maybank2u



Maybank2u menyediakan satu perkhidmatan yang baru bagi rakyat Malaysia membuat transaksi dan pengurusan perbankan melalui internet. Ia memudahkan pelanggan untuk mengakses dan membuat transaksi kewangan dengan lebih mudah dan cepat tidak kira dimana sahaja anda berada.

Tanpa disedari, Maybank2u juga menyediakan peluang bagi rakyat Malaysia menjana pendapatan melalui internet. Disebabkan kemudahannya yang efisien dan kemampuan menyebarkan maklumat dengan pantas, ia merupakan platform yang sesuai bagi golongan yang menghadapi masalah kewangan bagi menjana lebih pendapatan.

Bagaimana Cara Untuk Menjana Duit dari Maybank2u?
Kaedahnya mudah dan tentu akan menarik perhatian anda. Sila baca sehingga habis dengan teliti sebelum membuat keputusan.

Langkah 1
Pada mulanya anda harus lihat senarai yang diberi oleh pengirim dan ahli yang telah menyertai. Senarai yang terkini akan tertera di bahagian akhir emel ini.

Contoh Senarai Sebelum Menyertai:

Peserta Nama Penuh No.. Akaun

Langkah 2
Pastikan bukti yang dikemukakan oleh peserta akhir (peserta 5) adalah betul dan sah. Jika beliau tidak kemukakan bukti maka anda haruslah mengabaikan emel tersebut.

Langkah 3
Masukkan (Third Party Transfer melalui Maybank2u) RM2 sahaja ke setiap Akaun Bank kelima-lima peserta yang disertakan pada Senarai Nama Peserta. Pada ruangan email anda boleh memasukkan alamat email anda sendiri.


Langkah 4
Print screen logout summary selepas membuat sumbangan. PASTEkan didalam program Paint (Start-> Accessories->Paint) dan save. Kemudian attachkan file tersebut sebagai bukti sumbangan anda bagi meyakinkan peserta lain bahawa anda telah membuat sumbangan (bagi mengelak penipuan).

Langkah 5
Keluarkan Nama dan No. Akaun Bank
- Peserta 1 daripada senarai ini.

Pindahkan Nama dan No. Akaun Bank
- Peserta 2 ke ruang Peserta 1
- Peserta 3 ke ruang Peserta 2
- Peserta 4 ke ruang Peserta 3
- Peserta 5 ke ruang Peserta 4

Masukkan Nama dan No. Akaun Bank ANDA pada ruang Peserta 5 yang telah dikosongkan.. Pastikan senarai Nama dan No. Akaun Bank (Nama Bank) berada dalam kedudukan yang betul bagi memastikan tidak berlaku sebarang penganiayaan kepada peserta lain. Contoh seperti di bawah:-

Contoh Senarai Selepas Menyertai:

Peserta Nama Penuh No.. Akaun

Pastikan nama yang tertera adalah sama dengan nama IC atau nama yang tertera di akaun anda..

Langkah 6
Promosikan kaedah ini kepada seberapa ramai orang yang anda mampu. Anda boleh memilih pelbagai kaedah seperti iklankan di newsgroup, forum atau menyebarkan melalui emel.

Itu sahaja. Mudah, senang dan menguntungkan. Anda harus ingat bahawa selepas pelaburan RM10 tersebut, lebih banyak emel yang anda hantar lebih banyak keuntungan yang akan diperolehi. Semua ini atas usaha anda sendiri. Jadi apa tunggu lagi. Selamat mencuba!!


Encik Harith, 24 – Eksekutif Pemasaran

"Sebulan yang lalu, SAYA sedang melayari news groups dan menjumpai artikel maybank2u yang menawarkan perkhidmatan untuk melabur hanya RM10 sahaja untuk mendapatkan pulangan beribu ringgit. Pada mulanya memang saya tidak percaya. Tetapi seperti kebanyakan orang, SAYA tertanya-tanya juga adakah ia benar dan bolehkah ia dipercayai? Setelah membaca dengan teliti saya mencubanya kerana murah dan mempunyai bukti kukuh. Saya kemudianya mempromosikan artikel itu sekurang-kurangnya ke 200 newsgroup (terdapat beribu-ribu newsgroup di internet jika ANDA rajin surfing).

Dalam tempoh 7 hari, akaun bank SAYA mula dipenuhi duit. SAYA betul-betul terkejut dan SAYA fikir ia akan berhenti pada bila-bila masa sahaja tetapi duit itu tetap datang. Dalam masa beberapa minggu sahaja SAYA menerima RM240,226.00 !!! RAMAI YANG TELAH YAKIN dan MENYERTAI PROGRAM INI, SAYA SYORKAN KEPADA ANDA SEMUA KERANA PROGRAM INI BENAR-BENAR EFEKTIF"

Tuan Haji Mat Yusoff, 64 – Pensyarah

"Pada mulanya saya memang ada keraguan kerana ia hanyalah risalah dan tidak diiklankan di mana-mana tempat.. Apabila saya baca komen orang ramai di newsgroup dan mendapati ramai telah mencubanya dan mengaut keuntungan, saya pun cubalah. Saya tidak rugi apa-apa kerana Cuma RM10 sahaja. Duduk kedai kopi habis RM10 jugak kan . Selepas 3 bulan, Alhamdulillah saya telah Berjaya menghasilkan sebanyak RM120,000++ dan jumlahnya makin meningkat."

Alfian Johan, 21 – Pelajar UiTM

"Selama saya belajar, saya sering menghadapi masalah kewangan. Apa yang saya belanjakan mesti tidak cukup. Apabila terbaca emel dari rakan saya, saya pon cuba .. Insyallah setakat ini hasilnya amat lumayan. Sehingga hari ini, keuntungan saya sebanyak RM30,588 sepanjang tempoh percubaan"

Puan Hamidah, 44 – Suri Rumah

"Pada mulanya memang saya tidak percaya dan tidak tahu menahu tentang kemudahan serta fungsi internet. Anak saya yang masih bersekolah mensyorkan tetapi saya tidak percaya sehinggalah pada bulan lepas dimana dia mendapat sejumlah wang (15, 000++) di dalam akaunya. Saya betul-betul terkejut dan tidak sangka hasilnya begitu banyak. Dengan itu, saya mencubanya sendiri dan ia memang berkesan. Tidak perlu modal.. RM10 sahaja saya keluarkan."


Potensi Pendapatan Anda
Andaian 15 peserta menyertai setiap peringkat, dan setiap seorang menjana 15 lagi peserta.

Peserta 5(Anda bermula di sini)
15 peserta x RM2 =RM30.00

Peserta 4
15 peserta x(15) x RM2 =RM450.00

Peserta 3
15 peserta x (15) x (15) x RM2 =RM6,750.00

Peserta 2
15 peserta x (15) x (15) x (15) x RM2 =RM101,250.00

Peserta 1
15 peserta x (15) x (15) x (15) x (15) x RM2 =RM1,518,750. 00

JUMLAH =RM1,627,230.00#


Saya ada Akaun Maybank tetapi bagaimana hendak mendaftar Maybank2u?

Untuk menyertai Maybank2u, ikuti langkah-langkah berikut :-

1. Bagi yang belum ada akaun sila buka akaun Maybank.
2. Untuk daftar anda masukkan Kad Maybank anda ke mesin ATM, masukkan no.. pin dan lihat menu di screen.
3. pilih menu Maybank2u untuk daftar (ikut arahan) dan anda akan menerima resit yang tercatit laman web, simpan untuk anda gunakan semasa mendaftar di internet.
4.. masukkan sekali lagi Kad Maybank ke mesin ATM dan pilih menu daftar no. mobile, (ikut arahan) masukan no. handphone anda.
5. di internet anda layari laman web yang diberi dan gunakan no.. kad Maybank anda sebagai kata laluan. Ikut arahan yang diberi.
6. untuk mendapatkan no. TAC di laman web Maybank2u, setelah login anda klik di Utilities, pilih TAC Request dan klik Request TAC Now! (no. TAC akan dihantar ke handphone anda melalui SMS)


Anda harus menyumbangkan RM2 kepada peserta-peserta berikut:

Peserta Nama Penuh No.. Akaun

3. JAMIL BIN SAMIDAN 151025612712
4. SITI IZZATI BT MOHD NOOR 102103047359

ubah jadual ini selepas anda telah melaksanakan pembayaran. Print Screen logout summary akaun anda sebagai bukti sumbangan dan attachkan bersama-sama emel ini.

Sila layari forum atau newsgroup berkaitan untuk maklumat lanjut. Antaranya saya sertakan disini:-

14. ruang_iklan_
32. malaysia_duit_

Semoga Keikhlasan dari hati mampu mengubah sumber kewangan kita semua....

bukti dari aku join!

Monday, July 27, 2009

the vampire - 1858

I found a corpse,
with glittering hair,
of a woman whose face,
tho' dead,
the white death in it had left still fair,
too fair for an earthly bed!.

So i loosened each each fold of her bright rolled from forehead to foot in a rush of red gold,
and kissed her lips till her lips were red,
and warm and light on her eyelids white.

I breath'd, and pressed unto mine her breast,
till the brown eyes opened and the breast grew warm,
and this woman, behold arose up bold,
and lifelike lifting a willful arm,
with steady feet from the winding sheet,
stepped forth to a muttered charm.

And now beside me, whatever betide me,
this woman is, night and day,
for she cleaves to me so, wherever i go,
she is with me whole of the way,
and her eyes are so bright in the dead of the night,
that they keep me awake with dread;
while my life blood pales in my vein and fails,
because her red lips are so red,
that i fear this my heart she must eat for her food;
and it makes my whole flesh creep,
to think she is drinking and draining my blood,
unawares, if i have a chance to sleep.

It were better for me, ere i came nigh her,

This corpse, -ere i looked upon her, -had they burnt my body with penal fire
with a sorcerer's dishonor.

For when the devil has made his lair,
in the living eyes of the dear dead women,
(to bind a men's strength by her golden hair, and break his heart, if his heart be human)
is there any penance, or any prayer,
that may save the sinner whose soul his tries to catch in the curse of the constant stare,
of those heartbreaking bewildering eyes,

Comfort less, cavernous glowworms that glare from the gaping grave where a dead hope lies?
it is more than soul of a man may bear.

For the misery worst of all miseries,
is desire eternally feeding despair,
on the flesh, or the blood, that forever supplies life more than enough to keep fresh in repair the death ever dying,
which yet never dies.

lord lytton

Friday, July 24, 2009

hailed the naysayers

As the time passed on so quickly, forgetting our path of ignorant. Siding the world as the front of our lives. Which the truth facts hidden, covered by mischief doing of living.

"Is it all of the people doesnt realized the pros and cons in our choices of living-out soar without embrace and fond it with religion?"

Well I am not such as religionists, im just an ordinary human-being helpless to survived this outcoming of choices. It is been for about 8 months from my devastated of choices tat ive been made for myself. i am trying to strife the outcome. And i realized, how is religion so correlates with the lives tats i've been doing around. Some might said it as "karma", and of course its not just an ordinary karma.

God(Allah) are actually asked me to embrace and survived. For not taking thing for granted. Everything is there and the life actually non-matter to rely and to uphold the greatness of it. All and all are only depending on HIM(Allah s.w.t).

He is the creator, He is the almighty. And now, i embraced the every second of my life with Him as the upmost creator, and quran as the guide of my misguided lives.

To all the naysayer out there. i dun give a dime about you and your sorry lives with flashing all the achievement of wat so ever uve been rely on. And i do know exactly wat hv to been done with. And of course, i am not asking a favor from u. To me, u just a little cretin askin to crawled out from ur own miserable life. And it aint me, i am down with. thanks naysayers!

Monday, July 6, 2009

bahasa kemaafan

akhirnya habis sudah ku menelaah buku dari gary chapman & jeniffer thomas, well to those thing in that book just a common sense for sapiens like us, :

expressing regrets ( menunjukkan kekesalan )

accepting responsibility ( memikul tangungjawab dengan jujur )

making restitution ( membaikpulihkan keadaan )

genuinely repenting ( sesalan yang jujur ke arah kebaikan )

requesting forgiveness ( memohon kemaafan)

sejujurnye, sememangnye ini adalah prinsipal yang indah untuk kita melihat adakah kita benar2 menghampiri kemaafan itu atau cuma sekadar adaptasinya saja. i did once, to myself. apologizing the hell out of me. kalau diri sendiri pun agak sukar utk aku maafkan apatah lagi orang lain memaafkan kita. egois, hahaha dun make me laugh! u wont find a space ahead u to repent later. kalau egois kuasai diri. ok biarkan aje, sememangnye manusia suka menanahkan diri mereka dengan kesilapan mereka sendiri. tak kisah lah siapa diorang tu sebenarnye.
A lot of sense hover me above, ada yang kadang-kadang gelihati melihat manusia yang hina ini mengangkat diri mereka ke awang-awagan, siapa tak suka? aku suka. kau mesti lagi sukakan. hahahah well the only thing for us to earn the forgiveness is actually forgive urself first then seek to forgive others, sememangnye forgiving itu its ultimate, the holy thing, the DIVINE, but yet to let people accepting the apology, is much important.
u think i care for other people...i care actually but not so hoping them, just to acknowledge their restitution of friendship thats all. im sorry, forgive me Allah. ~Amin ya rabal al'lamin~

Thursday, July 2, 2009

the breed of mother of all fuck!

A serious matter for us to discuss, its very childish for none-brain to talked about it, but it is indeed deep throat sucking the life out of it. all of us cry and laugh when the name flew side of the ear that god created for listen. and the mouth talking, bragging, and nagging like the world could be end sooner.
love...nothing is near tangling with those magical word. but this! is serious. still cant see what actually playing around us? u cant feel anything disturbing ur sorry ass. cant do? anything? sad..totally sad, because i am the victim. a no one, a nothing like me patronizing the trouble that could blew our minister headoff. FUCKOFF. get away from me. fucking morron.the subtype of influenzavirus A and the most common cause of influenza in condemend me. FUCK OFF i said it.FUCK OFF

Monday, June 8, 2009

pessimist or optimist which are you?

The pessimist finds fault;
the optimist discovers a remedy.

The pessimist seeks sympathy;
the optimist spreads cheer.

The pessimist criticizes circumstances;
the optimist changes conditions.

The pessimist complains about the apple seeds;
the optimist plants them.

The pessimist imagines impending peril;
the optimist sees signs of prosperity.

The pessimist disparages;
the optimist encourages.

The pessimist creates loneliness;
the optimist finds friends.

The pessimist nibbles at the negative;
the optimist is nourished by the positive.

The pessimist builds barriers;
the optimist removes roadblocks.

The pessimist invents trouble;
the optimist enriches the environment.

from William Arthur Ward
an inspiration for my life, giving the aspiration to full fill my lung, i share this with you, and im spread it through you.

Monday, May 18, 2009

javarican concept


kamu adalah warna dalam dunia ini,
kamu adalah gerak seri yang menghalusi panorama dunia,
dan kamu juga adalah tari pusing yang menambahkan tona dalam rasa hidup.

mahukah kamu tinggal dengan ku untuk sepanjang hari ini,
gagal dengan kebarangkaliannya, kalah dengan persuasif ekspressiku,
dan juga senyum ini.

bukan aku dalam cerita ini,
bukan aku yang merekakannya juga.

biarkan aku lumpuh, wahai cinta.
biarkan ku terpegun, wahai cinta.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


bunga ros yang makin layu itu menunjukkan kematangan kita bersama,
xpernah untuk merasa khianat antara satu sama lain,
setiap kali bersuara merdumu itu pasti buat ku tersenyum,
pada malam sempurna ini pasti tiada yang syahdu selain darimu.

setiap detik debaran hati begitu kuat setiap kali mata kita bertentangan,
sememangnya dari dulu lagi aku jatuh cinta kerana kewanitaanmu,

tiba waktunya untuk kita berpisah kerana terpaksa akur dengan setiap lakaran hidup,
bukan untuk megubah haluannya, bukan untuk bertukar perspektifnya,
tetapi untuk seketika agar kita mengecapi rindu bersama.

dan satu hari nanti pasti ku terpegun mempersona,
kerana bertemumu dengan cincin ku sarung dijarimu, 
agar harapan ini dan mengharap agar kau tahu tiada siapa setandingmu sayang.

dua hati untuk mu, untuk kita, 
pastinya dua hati ini nanti untuk anak kita. 

i love u sayang ^_^

Monday, April 20, 2009


pisahkan sasarmu dengan bulan,
dan biarkanlah  serigala menyalak ke arahnya,
cairkan lah gembiramu bersama sudunya,
dan hisaplah bergaya dengan racun tinggimu,
dengan kesengsaraan.

tutupkan lah pintumu ke arah bulan,
biarkan burung-burung menyanyi  riang,
tiada masa untuk melayan kerenah hina,
biarkan lah jiwanya sesat, dan sengsara
dari ruhaniah dirinya.

sengsara yang perlahan, menyakitkan.
kemudian pisahkan kita dan biarkan kita tertumus ke bumi,
tersenguk hina, melihat garisan khatulis menyinar hari, terlungkup di muka bumi lagi.

bila kamu memutarkannya lagi, kawan ku pula terjerumus,
aku mahu tinggalkan tapi tak berdaya, tertungkup di muka bumi lagi.
kamu juga yang sesat mencari nur, jatuh terhempas sakit di muka bumi.
akan ku cuba memecahkan ruangan kufur mu, kufur ku, akan ku cuba. tetapi perlulah
melakukan dengan satu, perlahan, dua, perlahan, tiga, perlahan, empat, perlahan
hingga habis.

pisahkan sasarmu dengan bulan,
dan biarkanlah  serigala menyalak ke arahnya,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


sentiasa dalam hati ku ini...bimbang pasal kamu, 
takut nanti jatuh pula ke arah lain,
susah peritnya perasaan kita masih tiada yang melihat,merasa jarang sekali,
jarang untuk aku berkisah tentang kamu tetapi malam ini lain kurnianya.

aku hembuskan nafas, helakan ke arah mu,
untuk memberi kamu kehidupan, buat kamu senyum buat kamu riang,
susah hidup ku tiada pernah sesak udara dalam dada,
sentiasa ada wujud dalam hatiku ini, terangi setiap sudut prisma,
mewarna ekawarna hitam ku.

sentiasa berwarna, sentiasa berubah tiada yang boleh buat aku bosan,
indahnya biar aku yang rasa, cantiknya biar aku yang lihat,
kerana kamu tidak pernah ku bertukar ganti,
patah satu rapuh semuanya tiada yang tumbuh baru,
aku bukan seperti pokok-pokok yang memberi semua keselesaan kepada orang ramai,
ciptaku untuk kamu, cipta mu untuk aku.

sayang...berlinang mataku dengan titisan gembira, melihat kamu sehidup denganku,
membiarkan kamu bermain riang denganku,
buat aku tersenyum buat engkau tersenyum.
rindu ku sayang ku cintaku hanya untuk kamu merasa, hanya untuk kamu hidup.

gembira dengan ku , gembira bahagia setia bersamamu selamanya.

Friday, February 13, 2009

grumpy old fart nanny!

What is more being less? Reality is much none matter…people always do manipulate in everything, for chasing fame…..for looting the treasure…even stole it. Maybe we are not familiar with this phenomenon, all are confused, being used, enchanted by their beautiful words and seduce by their gesture. No one ever realized. No one.


One even feel stronger than any of their kin. There’s a lot of this kind of people practising the  manipulation. Even called themselves as professional, put up the fee as higher as much as he can, people dazzled with the services, tame by his professionalism. But none is comply.


For being less is just a pathetic manipulator, you want to do less then be prepared yourself with factual, evidence of comfortable ideology, not bullshitting people with your lame chanting. It is so hard to belief for this kin of people still breathing until today. It is supposed eliminate by a past years ago. During the “sin cleanse war” that supposed to be their last moment of glory. I wish I was there, banishing them with my own hand.


Well, I think the prediction of our heroes long time ago by Ahmad, Thabrani, Nasai, and Majah are all truth. It is going on today. TODAY….. I wish god grant me a power wish I can kill them freely. Fuck jews, fuck philosopher, fuck pro, fuck you fucker. And fuck you red blooming petals BIATCH!


Mesin penjana Rasa

Dah pun berubah geri pentas,

Mestikah harus kita hentikan saja duri ini dari ditusuk kenanah,

Hibar suasana tiada mentari menari dihadapan,

Tak kesahlah apa pun formasinya ianya bebas berkata, bukan untuk penyedap bunyi serta sebut.


Dah pun berkisar, geri tajamnya bilah berputar,

Tak semudah yang kita sangka ruang yang dulunya luas sudah pun sempit,

Memakan ruangan bebasan lain,

Rasa ku hampir kebas kepadanya, hampir luluh kerananya.


Dah pun tahu tentang perihal kisah alam, itupun kalau hendaknya kita buat tidak mengetahui,

Tak semua pun yang dapat rasa setiap geri tari dunia, ada kertas bersandarkan di dinding pun tiada kisahnya,

Apa tuhan itu lebih halus dari kertas itu, bukankah dia maha,

Seksa Allah di dunia juga tak dapat hendaknya ku teruskan.


Dah pun jadi kilauan api itu, tapi tak semarak seperti mimpi,

Tak pun kisah pasal keesokkanya, bila dah jadi barulah mengerti, apa itu semua tunduk bodoh,

Tak sangka ramai yang bodoh,

Mungkin kebodohan itu ada padaku, ada juga padamu,

Tak semua pun yang dapat jawab setiap soalan yang direkakan oleh manusia,

Kertas dibingkaikan itu….lekat di dinding sana…. Juga tak dapat jawap semua benda,

Siapalah kita ini ? siapalah kamu itu? Siapakah dia itu? Siapalah kami ini?

Tak sangka ramai yang gila mengejar semua itu, termasuklah aku.


Dah pun sedar semua itu hanya liku indah, resam masam, gigil pahit, getar manis duniawi, duniawi…..dunia we…..doncha pee….

Ramai yang ketawa, menangis senyap2, ramai yang macho, bila malu senyap2.


Dah pun sentap….tapi masih mulakannya, seperti mesin…yang menjana produksinya…dah pun tahu hasilnya tapi masih melanjutkannya…ada sijil keselamatan pun masih juga yang dicederakannya….Cuma rasanya beza,

Beza bila kita mengetahui, tapi buat lagi untuk puas.

Puas…ertianya tiada… puas ertinya…kita

Monday, January 19, 2009

lari dari bahagia

tiada lagi refleksi nurani,
terangi lara...bebaskan gari,
terlalu diikat...terlalu disuluh,
mahukan bahagia, tapi bukan kerana kehendakmu.

terhasil klimaks yang bisa meloloskan minda,
gerak geri acuan mukamu...hampir menengelamkanku,
lirikan mata mu...layu merendahkan ego diriku,
untuk berhenti....untuk hentikan,
mahukan bahagia, tapi bukan dengan caramu.




bukan kerana takut,
cuma hipokrasi bukan di dalam jiwaku,
bukan kerana sangsi,
cuma aku mahukan bahagia yang lebih dalam,
aku mahukan Illahi bebas suari lelangit indah,




hanya kamu yang tahu,
hanya kamu yang mengerti,
kerana kamu sebahagianku.

Monday, January 12, 2009

korupsi imunisasi

"panas....panas.....panasssssss!" keluh aku menahan seksaan haba,

tak sangka pula aku kerana ia boleh melumpuhkan pemikiranku, melenyapkan nafsuku, meransang amarahku, sungguh luarbiasa kejadian ini. setiap pergerakan yang bergerak akan menusuk setiap ketulan daging dalam badan. PANAS ..... memang panas, sehingga aku tidak mampu untuk memahami setiap percakapan antara invidu lain, aku rasakan rimas kadang-kadang.

tapi setelah aku berfikir dan berperasaan tenang. aku tau ini semua permainan dalaman, yang bakal mengkorupkan psikologiku, apa perlu aku buat adalah bertenang, ingatkan DIA, pandang ke hadapan, lihatlah sekeliling .... indah .... memang indah, sakit pun terasa juga kadang-kadang.

sebelum malam datang, aku berimaginasi tentang sakitan ku ini, mungkin kamu juga pernah melakukannya. setiap ruang-ruang buluh darahku penuh dengan korupsi, pasukan imunisasi badan hampir lumpuh kerana serangan korup, terfikir pula aku mungkin imunisasi membuat panggilan ke atas diri ku untuk hantar kan bantuan seperti paracetemol, dextromethorphan, dan juga pseudoephederine. bantuan-bantuan inilah yang dapat menentang korupsi itu.

ada juga kelakar ku berfikir mungkin ada setengah-setengah imunisasi bertalam dua muka, membenar penetrasi untuk korupsi.

"HAHAHAHA" senyumku.

mungkin juga.......

setelah aku mengambil para,dex dan pseudo tadi terus aku lena, tenggelam dengan imaginasi ku, insyaAllah setiap seksaan itu adalah hukuman pengampunan ke atas ku.

jazakallahu kairan kathira.