Wednesday, November 30, 2016


You may be blind with your arrogant throng,

Your mind reflects as you shone like a star,

In the midst of darkness your thought illuminate,


Does others happiness making you biting your lips with vexation?

Does others confidence annoy you?

We all sick and tired,

There’s even some of us died in agony,

By just looking at your “oh! Look at me”

Just like hopes and like faith,

With the sureness of bird songs,

I know where am I belongs.

Be yourself, respect others.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Hey son,
When i was 7 years old,
I did toxicated my uncle aquarium,
with a lot of a detergent,
which I thought it was a fish food.

But you are still 11 months baby,
Just bare with this life a little bit more,
So I want to see what will happen when you becomes 7 years old.

When i was a 12 years old,
I got a new lust and desire,
Make me so excited,
Spent over an hours exploring it in my bathroom and I even cooked it,
I am very enthusiastic and eager.

But you are still 11 months baby,
Just bare with this life a little bit more,
So I want to advise you and to educate you more when you becomes 12 years old.

When I was in a teenager,
I did try everything in discreet and disgraced,
And I becoming so ego and arrogant,
And so they called it “teen spirit”,
But somehow i was lost in the middle,
Bring chaos to myself.

But you are still 11 months baby,
Just bare with this life a little bit more,
So I want to be there with you and become your friend when you becomes a teenage boy.

And when I was in my adults age,
I broke-up so many relationship,
I bring tears and hate towards me.

And that will be a lesson for me and you to learn more together,
Explore together,
Laugh with you,
As a father , as a friend,
as what my father did to me,
I am definitely will doing better when you becomes an adult.

And when I died,
I want you to be happy,
You dont have to be sad or gloom when I’m gone,
Because I was already happy to see you growth so well.


Friday, July 22, 2016


Sepetang lalu,
Waktu ku bersiar di susur pejalan kaki ini,
10 tahun yang dahulu itu,
Kembali  sejenak.

Tak ku sangka bahu yang ku langgar itu rupanya
Masih sempat untuk bertukar renungan,
Seperti dejavu,
Wajah itu pernah ku kenali dahulu.

Masih sempat berbalas senyuman,
Adakah kau masih akan toleh padaku
Setelah kita berlalu pergi ?

Belum sempatku mengatur langkah,
Kau sapaku dan menghulur sekeping kertas.

Petang itu yang masih sayup,
Ditiup angin bayu,
Bagai membawaku mengimbau waktu lalu,
Waktu kau masih ku empunya.

Sambilku berjalan melihat kertas itu,
Ku sangkakan nombor telefonmu yang tertera di situ,
Membelek ku tanpa rasa sangsi,
Ia berbunyi.
“masih adakah sayang dalam mu?”

Ku senyum berlalu pergi.

Thursday, May 12, 2016


Baa Baa black sheep,

Have you any wool?

Since he asked,

Repeated through seemless times,

Aren’t we curious.

Yes, sir.

3 bags full.

There’s he goes again,

Again and again,


Are we still consuming all the hype?

In the absence of truth there is nothing but falsehood,

And yes we are all being arrogant,

Bastard arrogant.

1 for the master’s,

1 for the dame’s,

And 1 for the kids who lives down the lane.

We seems look-up for equality,

But we actually forgot the equity are far beyond better,

And yes,

We still being arrogant,


Selfish, bastard.

Baa baa black sheep,

Have you any wool?


Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hey Beautiful

To forget,

And being legit,

It is hard for me to get it.

Being respectful,

Is Forgetful,

They told me im being a fool.

Its been long,

How can i be wrong,

You’re beautiful and i cant be long.

Time is always there,

Reminiscing shit and my brain is sick,

Thinking of you are being mine is doubtful sins,

And it making me sing.

Oh la la la la la oh la la la la.