Friday, February 13, 2009

grumpy old fart nanny!

What is more being less? Reality is much none matter…people always do manipulate in everything, for chasing fame…..for looting the treasure…even stole it. Maybe we are not familiar with this phenomenon, all are confused, being used, enchanted by their beautiful words and seduce by their gesture. No one ever realized. No one.


One even feel stronger than any of their kin. There’s a lot of this kind of people practising the  manipulation. Even called themselves as professional, put up the fee as higher as much as he can, people dazzled with the services, tame by his professionalism. But none is comply.


For being less is just a pathetic manipulator, you want to do less then be prepared yourself with factual, evidence of comfortable ideology, not bullshitting people with your lame chanting. It is so hard to belief for this kin of people still breathing until today. It is supposed eliminate by a past years ago. During the “sin cleanse war” that supposed to be their last moment of glory. I wish I was there, banishing them with my own hand.


Well, I think the prediction of our heroes long time ago by Ahmad, Thabrani, Nasai, and Majah are all truth. It is going on today. TODAY….. I wish god grant me a power wish I can kill them freely. Fuck jews, fuck philosopher, fuck pro, fuck you fucker. And fuck you red blooming petals BIATCH!


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