Sunday, November 1, 2009

its been awhile since i haven't written any of my blog's, well today my finger starting to dance on the keyboard while my heart hurting while depressing the mindset of mine at 3:14 am . Haven't u guys feel neglected, away, casting, far ... so far until none feel the absence of your soul. This is really annoying, felt like been raped by a douche straight up in your anus, bleeding, disoriented and all of sudden lonely.

Most of the human resided just one place and make it domicile, marking their own journey of being successful. But what about the opposite, the human that having a nomad life transferring from one to another place, searching....seeking a proof of being a BEING on this planet that we called it "earth". It is devastating, hampering with load of burden, failure and depleted source of being successful.

word and action can lie...but feeling are totally sucking the life out it. Drained up all the joy and happiness. Making your life empty from being whole. Regrets...not a conclusion, wanted to stand up and try to soar fairy tales maybe. In real life, most of us avoiding the truth, purging the fact that we are actually being a decomposer... returning to constituents of any type of substances.

i feel decompose, day by day the skins faded and gone, rotting little by little...until the process complete. And by that time, no one ever noticed that you are actually once existed among them.....and the time are actually segregate the bond and the existence of us being once walking together.

zulhadry zolkafli


  1. that's kinda deep bro..what happen??are you ok?

  2. im so ok.... somtimes sharing a crap with others are so fucking headache, none solution i wrote anything, for any incident, action, or watsoever did happen to i wrote it...after i wrote this shit...then i crap it inside this messhole...hahahahahahahahaha enjoy reading bro!