Thursday, July 8, 2010

pencuri hati

once, that i had a feeling,then it's gone....
im not sure which way am i try to looking for...
its just gone.

let me tell you now,
all that's on my mind,
for having a love like yours,
is so very hard to find.

look what inside mine,
holding all of my feeling,
and now i am very sure...
there can only for me

you, turning me upside down,
spinning all the odds and showed me what life was about!...
only you, dare to stole my heart away,
i want to do all to show you that im capable of,
to make you understand....
only you, the only one that stole my heart away...

When you're in my dreams....
When I'm close to you....
There's a magic in your touch that just comes shining through.
Want you every day, want you every night
There can only be, you for me
You make it seem so right

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