Thursday, April 14, 2011


Does the words "Annoying" meant anything for you?.
Well, I'll guess not. To feel with a touch or to fell with a touch;
It doesn't make any sense at all. Not as a write-up, not as any quotes, more or less of course not as a saying.
I don't argue much on how poor your brain works, and i don't argue much on how pure your sincerity, especially working your ass hard for getting better and better.

To tell you the truth, it's just don't suit you, not as you thought.

And today with such a huge assumption for me to wrote, is not for pulling each others or for pointing someone. Neither of that are not my intention for me to wrote.

i got a lots of stuff for me to carried as burden, a lots of stuff for me to overseer. The weight is just mine to carry, is none for others to lift.

They are not even care as much i do.

I am a jerk, YES. Not for others but for you, I'll make an exemption.

My intention is so poor, nonetheless is worse thing ever. Sometimes it smell like a rotten rodent in your drawer, or perhaps under your bed. I hope you'll get my point.

Everybody is perfect, why I'm saying this because the most perfected creation by ALLAH is us, a "human". If any or somebody using the phrase nobody is perfect, just say this to them "YOUR BRAIN ARE CORRUPTED BY THE ALL-SEEING-EYE'S".
But if me, i simply said "FUCK YOU"

it's so simple,so pure.
@KISS- keep it simple and sweet ( i do remember one of my Prof's said Keep it simple STUPID, its nice though but not this time, maybe in my next coming-up blogs. maybe"

The point is, please don't try so hard. Don't lets your hope to high, because once you fell down, it's going to be hurt you, like's fuck.

So whether its poor or pure, just look at the mirror, and see the reflected person inside the mirror. That the pure person ever live inside you.

trust me,but don't thrust me.

zulhadry zolkafli