Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Resonance of perpetual fantasy

I've been seeing a wonderful of dream's projecting everlasting happiness. The beginning of the storyline until the end are none other fantasies of magical streaming with smiling and laughing making the character so adorable. Eventually, distract me from the awful reality.

Laughing are the greatest cure for mourn heart. Laugh as much as you can, laugh our heart out. Let the vein opened as wide as possible, let the blood rush faster through our body. Nothing can stop it, no one can disturb it.

"But why it is so hard to gain infinity of happiness, why our heart are so easy gloom in every ways, why?why?" the rebellious heart protest.

Have you try to hold your breath for an infinity count! and the "infinity" we can not count anyway. The results, if you can hold that long, you wont't able to see sunset or sunrise ever again, you're dead. In reality its balanced, most of the times we can laugh and cry in the same times. The resonance can't be exist along with us. Most of us think they may accomplish the peak and perpetual happiness. but i don't think so.

I do kept all my happiness alone, i cant achieve the everlasting. But i do kept it within myself so everytimes i hurt myself, i'll let it out. Once the wound healed, i kept it back within me.

Death. Nobody experienced it, but we will die - one day we all going to die. Not much of story i heard so far about death :) , maybe the resonance of perpetual happiness are all there. Nobody knows, if you done a good deeds for the entire life maybe you will, but maybe you won't. we're not God to state whether how good or bad we are.Maybe we should ask ourself, :).

zulhadry zolkafli

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