Friday, July 24, 2009

hailed the naysayers

As the time passed on so quickly, forgetting our path of ignorant. Siding the world as the front of our lives. Which the truth facts hidden, covered by mischief doing of living.

"Is it all of the people doesnt realized the pros and cons in our choices of living-out soar without embrace and fond it with religion?"

Well I am not such as religionists, im just an ordinary human-being helpless to survived this outcoming of choices. It is been for about 8 months from my devastated of choices tat ive been made for myself. i am trying to strife the outcome. And i realized, how is religion so correlates with the lives tats i've been doing around. Some might said it as "karma", and of course its not just an ordinary karma.

God(Allah) are actually asked me to embrace and survived. For not taking thing for granted. Everything is there and the life actually non-matter to rely and to uphold the greatness of it. All and all are only depending on HIM(Allah s.w.t).

He is the creator, He is the almighty. And now, i embraced the every second of my life with Him as the upmost creator, and quran as the guide of my misguided lives.

To all the naysayer out there. i dun give a dime about you and your sorry lives with flashing all the achievement of wat so ever uve been rely on. And i do know exactly wat hv to been done with. And of course, i am not asking a favor from u. To me, u just a little cretin askin to crawled out from ur own miserable life. And it aint me, i am down with. thanks naysayers!

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