Monday, February 22, 2010


by your eye's telling me to stay, and so i stay,
by the glossy lips of yours asked to kissing u, and
so i did, then the memorable,
i keep telling myself, "dont get involved" ... and i, just cant help it.
seriously, being with you is something different. Something keeping my head down to earth. Whenever i try to heads up, i've been dazzling with your laugh.
i knew this is weird, very awkward...very very very...awkward. And so i asked "what about it?" simply replied "thats about it".

and thats about it, confusion...i dont think so. things so fascinate to me.
Im happy...are you happy?..smiled~.

for the whole day was like...wat the hell is going on here?
maybe because we both got issue. i you?
the issue was...i hate wat am i doing rite now! everything are not me.
this is not me.

so i condemned myself. Well shit always happened, isnt it?.
i think so. But you...dazzle me, questioning myself......this is good.
im so sorry for everything...shit happen...miss you.

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