Monday, February 1, 2010

terang,kasar,hitam & pilu

i am tried leaping the faith,
going,doing, the unexpected? loss,loose..
it's all been heard of, i neglected my own responsibility..but for the sake of my life,
i got to hold this much, holding this gruesome for my own thought,
less and less happening, falling from upper hold, lots of people dramatize the act,
faking the real of themselves, bragging and brags all over for their own captious the others vision,
im just the audience of the fake stage of the world,
hoping for other to join me...learning, earning and extracting the juice.
sometimes people use the brute force, just for their own sake,
covering, hovering.....analyzing the outcome for their own profit.
lots of people do..same goes to you rite! so do i...some greediness...influenced by the satan.
"hey~ yes you! bastard commie!" some arguing the the outside look,
and also start to brag about their own capability but they actually aren't any of those.....
so damn hard to expressed....too damn blind to sense the texture of cruelness, its sadden the heart of me....sadden the heart of the world.


  1. my own criticism on viewing other people talking about is dramatic hahahahaha and nice to see them making of fool of themselves