Tuesday, August 3, 2010


hollow heart crave for denial trust,
driving the desire of rotten and rust,
it is a shame for other to grasp,
creating of masses hunger with lust.

the night are still,
voiding regrets, shame, and sins,
the vale of love poisoned with darkness,
ignite the fire full reddish in color.

as the mind was corrupted,
empty and hollow,
by only one act and hundred will follow,
justify the lust by bleeding others.

beyond the crappy of vision,
overture the vessel, with command and do,
striking the shame of excessive anger,
holding the gun with the blinded eye,
marching towards the lala lands,
create conspiring and hope for patriot,
and its nonetheless butcher parade,
very inspiring, laugh and joy,
but still others cry in sorrow.

the hand of violence,
role by the deteriorate mind,
and merciless arms, killed the pure kid,
debauch the sacred by bloodbath killing,
the madness growth and vastly celebrate,
enjoying the lust for the sake of peace.


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