Saturday, July 12, 2014

Lady In Red

Out of nowhere,
You just walked past through me,
In my own awareness,
my desire like spontaneously combust and melted all the sanity inside of me,
My thoughts distract me but it helps me somehow,
to see more apparent than my eye does,

Lady in red,
Dazzling in the crowd of righteous,
Tend to let people stray from their path,
Seeing the only desirable world to live in,
By becoming blind from the righteous and holy,
I knew you would come along,
Tag along with others and dance hand by hand to the dark side.

I saw you coming,
But nothing is left inside of me,
I am so powerless to confront you.
I am weak to hold a weapon against you,
But I do know I won't stand alone against you,
I am definitely sure Allah is here with me.

You can rip me apart,
but you won't have me to join your side.

Lady in red,
Such a wonderful feeling,
A lot of people can't ignore you,
I can't ignore you either,
I am such a fool,
But I rather die fighting than doing nothing.

Zulhadry Zolkafli 13072014

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