Saturday, August 2, 2014

zionist condemnation

The vicious king looks upon us,
They scare for us to gather forces,
that will shreds their lives into pieces,
They foreseen us like an ember lighting up the hell,
So they asked their armies of mole from the northern hill,
Crawling beneath the mud to crushed the ember into ashes 
But they have forgotten that we are not standing here alone,
Even without any weapon in our hands to strike,
and technologies for our ear to hear and the eye to see,
We will rose from this solitude,
Binding hand to hand and march together without fear,
Against the kings of lust, 
That hungered for blood,
With a small of chances we will attack! Attack! Attack!
An endlessly mission of fighting,
But will eventually,
Rupture their armour of greed and pride,
Bleeds in their own words,
Bleeds in their own action,
Their death will slowly condemn in torment and torture,
Our d'ua is like a whisper as we will tame the vicious sea,
Like a feather will bringing down their kingdoms to their knees,
The dignity they have long build for the world will be destroy,
And burnt into the reign of their own hell.

Zulhadry Zolkafli #supportgaza 

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