Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Universal starlight

This is life that i try to make the ends meet, but none is comply, we are the slave to money, dont you try to deny it … but if you do, you will die crise de conscience. well this life… life that works on HIS mysterious ways none can resists, even i cant, i’ll take down the road that the road ive ever been down, yo know the one that takes you to the places…where all veins meet. well i never pray periodically  …. but tonight im on my knees pray with my heart .. i sang the words to HIM, i praised HIM, i adore HIM, i need to hear a sound, a touch, or even a whisper to recognised the pain in me, the sorrow that pull me down, and i let the melodious universal shine, let it cleanse my mine, let me feel free now apart from this mold … i want to change, but i cant change… i want to change… but i cant change… i am here in my mold yes i am here in my mold …. there is a million people different than me …. but i am different million people so i can take further step …. from one day to the next, but i am still in my mold. this is the next century … a new era of all changes … where the universal is free to use, to explore, to defined and to exploits. when the days they seem to fall through you, well just let it go.

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